Creative Service Solutions

Server Uptime

What is uptime?

The term "Uptime" refers to the amount of time that a server has been operational over a period of time. Sometimes, we need to perform maintiance and need to take the server down, or something may go wrong and take the server offline unexpectedly. We work hard to limit these interuptions.

Our goal is 100% uptime

We have made our uptime percentages public to display our dedication to keeping our servers up and running as much and as long as possible. Downtime interuptions cause our services to be inaccessible, and we strive to make all of our services available to everyone at all times.

Accept Service is operating normally
(Less than 2 minutes of downtime)
Error Service Disruption
(Less than 10 minutes down)
Delete Service Outage
(More than 10 minutes down)
No database selected